MIG Academy أكاديمية ميج صنع فى ألمانيا Made in Germany

MIG Academy أكاديمية ميج صنع فى ألمانيا Made in Germany
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696 طريق الحريه ، لوران, سان ستفانو، قسم الرمل، الإسكندرية , الإسكندرية, الإسكندرية 11613, Egypt
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Founded in 2015, MIG Academy for Language, Translation and Cultural Exchange Services is determined to open the doors of new opportunities for our MIGers everywhere through provision of a new vision and concept of teaching the German Language in the most effective and professional way. MIG also strives to introduce, spread and familiarize our MIGers with the rich German culture, so as not to only speak the language, but to live it as well on a daily basis.
Since we have a vision of providing MIGers with the skills and knowledge needed for them to Make it in Germany, we do our best to graduate ambitious MIGers equipped with the ability and motivation to succeed and excel both in Egypt and Germany, and to be easily integrated into the German society in the near future. To this end, we developed a plan and a mechanism for conveying a perfect comprehensive image of Germany in order to familiarize our motivated MIGers with the different aspects of cultural, social and political life in Germany.

– German General & Conversation courses.
– Telc certified exam.
– Certified translation
– Certified Exam Preparation Courses.
– German Courses for kids.
– Recognition of qualifications.
– Visa support (Free of charge)
– Educational and cultural activities
– Educational Consulting
– Recruitment services.

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